Monday, February 15, 2010

Coraline Booktalk

Have you ever played the game Clue?

My favorite part of the game, is the secret passageways. I have always wanted to have secret passageways in my house, so I can sneak from the Lounge to the Conservatory or the Study to the Kitchen. Secret passageways are usually dark, narrow hallways, and they seem as though they would be covered with spiders and bugs and undesirable things. If I really found a secret passageway, would I be brave enough to go in it? I am not sure if I would. Would you be brave enough?

Well, in this book, Coraline finds a secret passageway. The scariest part about Coraline’s secret passageway, is that when she is with her mother it’s not there at all! You see, Coraline just moved into a new flat, it’s an old, big house that they have turned into several flats. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible live downstairs, and upstairs is a crazy old man training mice for a circus. But next to Coraline’s is an empty flat. Coraline asks her mother to unlock the old door, that used to lead into the other flat, and when her mother does, Coraline sees that they have bricked the other side of the door for privacy.

The next day, while both of Coraline’s parents are out, Coraline sneaks down the key to the old door and unlocks it. When she opens the door, there is no longer a brick wall but a secret passageway.

Coraline thinks of herself as an explorer, so of course she heads down that secret passageway. What do you think she will find? You will be just as shocked as I was, at what she finds. Read Coraline, to find out.

Title: Coraline

Author: Neil Gaiman

Publication Information: Harper Trophy, 2002

Age Group: 9 and up

Topics: Family Love, Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense

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